Saturday, 28 January 2012

Diary Of A Badman - Part 10

Before I go on to talk (and rate) the very last part of Diary of a badman series, make sure you've actually watched it here: 

The 'Badman' Crew is made up of a hilariously funny host, the Badman himself: Humza Arshad (@HumzaProduction) alongside his friends: JP 'Dexter' (@OfficialJPMusic), Asif Husain (@Asifdoabm), Yogesh Kalia (@YogeshKalia), Jazzie (@JazzieMovement), Kalum Junaid (@KalumEnt) Fayaz Kassam (@Fayaazdoabm), 'Tony the kala', 'Terry Mardi'.. and a load of others too.. there's just simply too many awesome characters to mention. 
Throughout the Badman series, Humza always manages to create situations which may answer some society questions in a comical way making sure that there's always a moral at the very end. With the help of JP, Asif, Yogesh (a new recruit), Fayaaz and Kalum, there is always something new to learn with every episode that gets released. More specifically in this very last, very humorous, very educational, and very dramatic last episode: 
Humza 'Badman' Arshad - Always exceeds his dramatic acting potential, and never fails to make me laugh- one of the best out of there. A very successful one too with the amazing Badman Tour at the end of 2011 just goes to show how loved and how influential he can be with the younger generation. The lesson in the last episode was highly touching making the viewers think about the particular issue of racism touched in the last bit of this video.
JP 'Dexter' Kerrah - Throughout the whole of the series, I have got to say that JP is the most cutest geek boy I've ever seen! His acting is amazing, as is his singing -check out his Youtube link on his latest songs and videos-, although I prefer him in the older videos with longer hair, we can't help but to love him, and his situations, anyway.
Asif Husain - Another one of my top favourites in the series, the one with the 'swagger' I'd say. His acting is tip-top and the dancing.. oh the dancing! Can't help but laugh when he's doing the Lota dance- hillarious! Most of the time with a good heart, Asif's character is one that's always by his friends side, even if he doesn't show much sympathy to JP during the last episode!
Jazzie Zonzolo - Known for his dopey character in Anuvahood, Jazzie brings back the 'SHABBA' into the DOABM series.. and in style! His extended knowledge into the Hindi speaking world ("Kuch kuch hota hai" and "Soni Kurii" are just a couple examples) makes him even more adorable, even if he does keep getting kidnapped. RARRR *Jazzie Voice* 
Yogesh Kalia - Being a new recruit, I haven't had much to see from the guy's character, but from what I've seen so far.. he's been a brilliant addition, another dopey character like Dexter (or JP), but with sexily styled spikey hair! Sa-weeeeet. 
Fayaaz Kassam - the 'Dentist' from the series, and yet again, not introduced early enough for me to judge him completely. However, from what I've seen (again) his acting is top-notch, especially in this last series with Asif, Humza and Yogesh with their funny suggestions on how to cheer JP up! 
All in all, I'd say a brilliant way to finish the series.. but bring in Series 2! 
DOABM - whole series 10/10 
DOABM - the characters 10/10

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Prianca Adatia

Just at the tender age of 14, this girl is one to watch for the future. Prianca Adatia juggles her social life, education, and her singing talents all at the same time- I take my hat off to you! 

Check out her medley on youtube here: 

Lanca Gomez

Rap artist coming from the almighty ‘Pool, Lanca Gomez refers to his fanmily as ‘DaCoolGang’. With his swagger on point, he moves quickly onto the scene customising his own clothing line. Download the ‘Always Relevant’ mixtape here, and watch one of his videos here: 
Lanca Gomez's Mixtape - Always Relevant

Benjamin Enfield

Benjamin Enfield, a multi-talented home-grown producer specialises in the Hip-Hop and RnB beats where some had even travelled to the U.S. Currently working on a huge project, his latest single featuring Yung-Mell ‘Dance The Night Away’ can be available to listen to here on sound-cloud (link below). Although Benjamin focuses on this type of genre, lately he has been able to produce pop beats while teaching him-self to play the keyboard and the piano, along with programming and sound engineering. Working with his own rapper from the U.S., Yung-Mell, there is surely more to come from the pair of talent, especially with years of experience from his family back in the Motown days to today. 

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